About Me


Hi there!  I’m Lauren Hargrave, an architectural designer with daylighting and energy efficiency experience.

Don’t worry; I won’t bore you with my detailed life history. Unlike my parents, you probably don’t care to have a flip book of my first steps. But hopefully, you’d like to learn a little about what’s important to me.


  • I’ve always loved figuring out how things are put together and what makes them work. When I was in grade school, I would always try to fix things that had been deemed “broken”; I had a pretty good success rate and a lot of fun learning. My Dad let me help him with various woodworking projects when I was younger, which started my love for woodworking.
  • I love new and exciting opportunities and am very open-minded; I’m willing to try just about anything at least once.
  • I really appreciate and respect balanced criticism.
  • I’m as positive as a sunflower and as steadfast as an oak (speaking of oak, I really like woodworking and my dream is to someday have my own at-home woodshop.) Honestly though, I strive to be a very optimistic, patient, and thoughtful person.


  • I earned my Master of Architecture degree at University of North Carolina at Charlotte and my Bachelor of Science in Architecture at The Ohio State University.


  • I believe that “good” design is not defined solely by an individual’s preference for certain aesthetics but rather by a rigorous, intelligent process. Collaboration between multiple disciplines, with an open-minded approach is critical. The more brains engaged, the bigger the brainstorm.
  • I am personally drawn to elegant designs with clean lines, and I see the ultimate design goal as relatively simplistic results based on methodical and comprehensive processes. I believe that form and function should be married throughout the design process.


  • Community service should be in every architect’s heart at some level. Some of my most memorable experiences in life involve: time spent talking to residents in senior assisted-living facilities, watching autistic children ride horses, and participating in community builds for Habitat for Humanity. While these interactions taught me so much about people’s inner strengths, how they approach life, and the many ways that community service can be performed, they also made me realize how fortunate I was with my good health and relatively plentiful resources.
  • I believe architecture is a wonderful catalyst for community improvement on some many levels.