Extruded Canvas


1 Dress Motion

Idea: Trace Movement Over Time

Process: Study Tango; Trace wrinkles and shadows in woman’s dress

Result: A Drawing with linear elements and a painterly effect



2 Model Pic 1 3 Model Pic 2 4 Model Pic 3 5 Model Pic 4

Idea: Two-and-one-half Dimensional Model Based on Drawing

Process: Terrain model created from shadows; plastic heated and formed to terrain model

Result: Reflections and refractions produced; intriguing spaces between model pieces

My Contribution:

  • Idea to look at wrinkles in dress to trace movement over time
  • Involved in all aspects: laser cutting, welding, AutoCAD, Photoshop, etc.



6 Installation Pic 1 7 Installation Pic 2 8 Installation Pic 3 9 Installation Pic 4

Idea: Create a three-dimensional painting people could walk through

Materials: EMT conduit frames, industrial plastic wrap

Process: Pipes professionally bent; wrapped in plastic wrap; drawing painted on

Location: Knowlton School of Architecture student lounge/pathway

Result: Combined linear elements, the pipes, with an overall painterly effect, the drawing on the walls

What I Learned:

  • Challenges involved in the translation of effects from a small scale model to a life-size installation
  • Opportunity to see architecture impact people’s daily experiences

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