Metal Studio

American College of the Building Arts  Charleston, South Carolina

The concept of this project is the weaving of the new and historic elements.  There is a transition from historic to new across the site with the historic buildings then the field then the landscaped area and then finally the new buildings.  In the landscaped area, paths start to gradually peal up and interact with the new buildings.  These paths weave students/faculty and the community together.

A cellular structural system contains inhabitable wall which allows for open studio and classroom spaces.  The inhabitable walls provide help with noise in the office, locker, and restroom spaces and create a shorter structural span requirement between the two walls.  This shorter spanning distance allows for a more free plan, uninterrupted by structural supports.


1 Concept Model - Site

Concept Model – Site

2 Parti - Building

Parti – Building

3 Concept Model - Building

Concept Model – Building

4 Perspective - looking northwest

Perspective – Looking Northwest

5 Perspective - looking southeast

Perspective – Looking Southeast

6 Diagram - Weaving paths

Weaving Paths

7 Diagram - Orthagonal Alignment

Orthagonal Alignment

8 Diagram - Sloping Towards Site

Sloping Towards Site

9 Diagram - Roof and Northern Light

Roof and Northern Light

10 Diagram - Hierarchy of Prgram and Inhabitable Walls

Hierarchy of Program and Inhabitable Walls

11 Model Pic 1

Model – Overall

12 Model Pic 2

Model – Aerial View

13 Model Pic 3

Model – Perspective

14 Longitudinal Section

Longitudinal Section

15 Cross Section

Cross Section

16 Detailed Wall Section

Detailed Wall Section

17 Plan - Level 1

Plan – Level 1

18 Plan - Level 2

Plan – Level 2

What I Learned:

  • International Building Code Compliance (Appendix B)
  • To use tectonics such as materiality and structure to satisfy critical issues and express design
  • How to work on multiple aspects and details of a project simultaneously
  • Analysis, schematic design, and design development (NAAB ‘Comprehensive Architectural Design’)

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