Porous Grating

Idea: Building that addresses environmental conditions of New Orleans

Process: Inspired by drainage grates; overall shape based on site context

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana – on the unprotected side of the levee


  • Multifunctional hollow glass columns: circulation, air flow, water passage, light, viewing river
  • Proposed curtain/movable wall system on tracks to define areas of program within each unit
1 Diagram - Site Shape Determined by Streets and Intersections

Site – Shape Determined by Streets and Intersections

2 Pattern - Greater Hole Density over water

Pattern – Greater Hole Density Over Water

3 Circulation - Enters from Roof

Circulation – Enters from Roof

4 Determination of Privacy Based on Functions Labeled

Degrees of Privacy – Based on Functions

5 Plans

Unit Plans

6 Programming of Units

Programming of Units

7 Lower Level Plan

Lower Level Plan

8 Drawings


9 Model pic 1 10 Model pic 2 11 Model pic 3 12 Model pic 4 13 Model pic 5

What I Learned:

  • Horizontal element became a stronger argument than vertical element for New Orleans’s conditions
  • My passion for an idea and project can be contagious and lead to teacher and critic engagement

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