River City

Idea: Mixed-use High-rise (apartment/hotel/health club/retail)

Process: Difference between city/river and hotel/apartment

Location: Site near dowtown columbus, OH


  • Design acknowledges difference in hotel/apartment lifestyles
  • Responds to site context (river and city)
1 River, Street, Site

River, City, and Site

2 Apartment vs Hotel Table

3 Plan_Ground Level

Ground Level Plan

4 Plan_Level 11 and 13 labeled

Upper Level Plans

5 Study Model

Study Model

6 Site Plan and Sections clean


7 Model Pic 1 Exterior


8 Model Pic 2 Interior - Looking toward hotel

Interior – Looking Toward Hotel

9 Model Pic 3 Interior - Looking toward apartments

Interior – Looking Toward Apartments

10A Model Pic 4 color clean 10B Model Pic 4 color clean 11 Model Pic 5 color

What I Learned:

  • To turn a conceptual relationship into a physical building can be quite a challenge
  • Important to understand why you like certain things – figure out what something is doing for you

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