Sound, Light, and X-Terrain

Idea: Hybrid building (athletic facility and social club/spa)

Process: Stack program based on sound; rotate for light; incorporate running path; skin building/driving ranges

Location: Site near downtown Columbus, OH

Result: Cross-country path spiraling up through building; double skin (glass; mesh on driving ranges becomes shading device)

My Contribution: Idea of rotating for light; made study models; did diagrams and section drawings; layout for final presentation boards

Arrangement of Program

1A Arrangement of Program_Sound GOOD

Driving range cuts into tower
(creates barrier between loud and quiet)

1B Arrangement of Program_Light GOOD

Driving ranges split and rotated
(allows more even lighting of gym below)

1C Arrangement of Program_Running Path GOOD

Running path winds through open spaces
Program expands to the running path

2 Skins GOOD

Glass Skin – orthogonal, close
Netting – averages glass shape

3 ALL 4 ALL Plans 5 Site Plan 6 Section 1 6 Section 2 7 Site Elevation 8 REndering_Neil Ave Elevation 9 10 Rendering_Interior Perspective 11 REndering_Nighttime Perspective

What I Learned:

  • Including all group members’ ideas in a unified manner can be challenging
  • This project would be more successful in there was one resolved theme rather than multiple themes
  • For future projects, have group focus on overall theme by keeping it clear and in forefront

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